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About the Artist

Kelly grew up in Washington state, where she was first introduced to clay through a course at her local community college. Although the process of wheel throwing was enticing, Kelly didn’t touch clay again untill her senior year in college. When a new pottery studio opened up around the corner from campus, there was no choice but to dive full force into the craft. Clay became therapeutic, challenging and a pure source of joy during a stressful season. Following a move to Dallas, TX, Kelly found herself focusing more and more on ceramics as she took on an apprenticeship at Full Circle Studios. Being in a community of supportive, mentor-worthy artists inspired the creation of REACH. 

REACH strives to produce delicately crafted ceramics from warm-hued stoneware and porcelain. Every piece is thrown and trimmed on the potter's wheel with a focus on symmetrical shapes and lively earth-toned glazes. Clean, crisp lines met with rustic designs create a sense of newness and nostalgia. This is a quality Kelly seeks to instil in even the most untraditional forms. 

Why Reach?

The name is meant to embody the simple beauty of ‘reaching across the table’ and spending time with those you love. I find that these moments are often marked by the special, every day items that, through consistent use and familiarity, become as animated and nostalgic as the moments themselves. Adding handmade pots to a home inevitably welcomes new memories and creates a connection between the maker and the user. This bond is one I am honored to take part in, and pushes me to follow inspirations in the pursuit of connection